Saturday, October 6, 2018

What Does It All Mean? Dōmō Arigatō Gozaimashita

By Marjorie Motooka, Shodan

Dōmō Arigatō Gozaimashita (pronounded Dō-mō Ari-ga-tō Gozai-mash-ta) is a phrase heard at the end of practice and the end of class.  This phrase is also accompanied by a standing or seated bow. Translated it means “thank you very much.” 
In the Japanese language there is formal and informal speech. Formal speech is used when speaking to someone who is one’s superior (i.e. teacher, boss, elder) and informal speech is used when speaking to someone who is an equal or inferior (i.e. friend, employee, child).

If you are expressing gratitude to someone who is your superior, “Dōmo Arigatō Gozaimashita would be used.

If you are expressing gratitude to someone who is your inferior, you would use “Dōmō Arigatō” or simply, “Dōmō.”

These phrases would be the English equivalent to “Thank you very much,”  “Thank you” and “Thanks.”

Dōmō Arigatō Gozaimashita for stopping by and reading this blog.  See you on the mat!

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